Note: This list is for your convenience and is not to be considered an endorsement of these organizations by the Distinguished Flying Cross Society.

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Army Aviation Associations Web Site
Army Reserve Association
Association of the United States Army
Army Aviation Association of America
Army Aviation Heritage Foundation
101st Airborne Division Assoc.
114th Assault Helicopter Company
117th Assault Helicopter Company
121st Aviation Assoc. (Soc Trang Tigers)
132nd Assault Support Helicopter Co.
135th Assault Helicopter Company
145th Combat Aviation Battalion
147th Assault Support Helicopter Co.
14th Transportation Battalion Association
161st Assault Helicopter Company
174th Assault Helicopter Company
178th Assault Support Helicopter Co.
179th Assault Support Helicopter Co.
187th Assault Helicopter Association
189th Assault Helicopter Company
190th Assault Helicopter Company
191st Assault Helicopter Company 191st Assault Helicopter Company
213th Assault Support Helicopter Co.
281st Assault Helicopter Company
282nd Assault Helicopter Company
3/17th ACR Association
48th Assault Helicopter Company
61st Assault Helicopter Company
68th Assault Helicopter Company
7/17th Ruthless Riders Air Cav
92nd Assault Helicopter Company
A Company 158th AVN, 101st ABN
C Troop, 1/9th, 1st Air Cav
Company A, 227th Assault Helicopter Battalion, 1st Cav
D Troop 1/4 Cav – C Troop 16th Cav
D Troop 3/5th Air Calvary Squadron
Dustoff Association
Flying Circus, 1st Brigade, 1st Cav
HHC-173d Airborne Brigade HHC-173d Airborne Brigade
Rattler/Firebird Association (71st Assault Helicopter Company)
U.S. Army Otter-Caribou Association
Vietnam Dustoff Association
Navy Aviation Associations Web Site
Association of Naval Aviation
A-3 Skywarrior Association
A-4 Skyhawk Association
A-6 Intruder Association
F-14 Tomcat Association
F-8 Crusader Association
HA(L) 3 Sea Wolves
HC-7 Sea Devils
Naval Helicopter Association
Tailhook Asociation
VAL-4 Black Ponies
The Golden Eagles
The A-7 Corsair II Association, Inc.
Marine Aviation Associations Web Site
Marine Corps Association
Marine Corps Aviation Association
Helicopter Squadron 361 Veterans Assoc., Inc.
Marine Squadron 165
VMF/VMF(aw)/VMFA-115 Reunion Association
Air Force Aviation Associations Web Site
Air Force Association
Air Force Sergeants Association
12 Ftr Wing Assn
366th Fighter Association
43rd Bomb Group
8th AF Historical Society
AC-119 Gunship Association
Air Rescue Association
B-52 Stratofortress Association
C-123s in Southeast Asia
Jolly Green Association
Pedro Rescue Helicopter Association
Rustic (FACs)
Spectre Association
Super Sabre Society
Tac Tankers Association
The Air Commando Association
The Air Force Navigator Observer Association (AFNOA)
The Airlift/Tanker Association
Tuskegee Airmen
USAF Helicopter Pilot Association
Coast Guard Aviation Association
Multi-Service and Other Aviation Associations Web Site
A-1 Skyraider Association
AVG Flying Tigers Association
China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC)
Combat Helicopter Pilots Association
Commemorative Air Force
F-4 Phantom Society
Flying Tiger Line Pilots Association
Forward Air Controller Association
International Bird Dog Association
Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association (River Rats)
Society of Experimental Test Pilots
Vietnam Helicopter Crewmember Association
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association
Other Multi-Service Associations Web Site
Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States
Marine Corps League
Military Officers Association of America
Military Order of the Purple Heart
National Guard Association of the United States
Non Commissioned Officers Association
Reserve Officers Association
Retired Enlisted Association
Thailand, Laos, Cambodia Brotherhood
The Korean War Project
The Military Reunion Network
Veterans Support Organizations Web Site
American Legion
American Veterans
Jewish War Veterans of the USA
Real War Photos
Veterans Airlift Command
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Vietnam Veterans of America
Other Organizations Web Site
Aviation International News
Embry-Riddle University
Rotor and Wing International
Lindbergh Foundation