Dewey E. Ballard

Ballard, Dewey E. is awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Captain, 15th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, AO 659350, APO 970, United States Air Force. Captain Dewey Eugene Ballard distinguished himself by extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight over Korea on April 7, 1951. Captain Ballard took off, alone and unarmed, in an RF-80 aircraft, and flew deep into enemy territory. As he approached his targets, Captain Ballard sighted six (6) enemy MIG-15 type aircraft. Although outnumbered by superior enemy fighters, Captain Ballard continued with his mission, subjecting himself to certain attack. During the process of taking his photographs, Captain Ballard was attacked by the enemy fighters. By his superior flying ability and his knowledge of the enemy fighter capabilities, Captain Ballard was able to outmaneuver them and discourage their attack. As they broke off, Captain Ballard continued with his mission. Again he was attacked, this time by three (3) MIG-15’s and again he outmaneuvered the enemy until they broke off the attack. A single MIG-15 engaged Captain Ballard and for the third time in fifteen (15) minutes, he was forced to resort to evasive maneuvers. Finding himself extremely low on fuel due to the high power settings necessitated by the aerial combat, Captain Ballard was forced to return to his base. As a result of his tenacity and disregard for personal safety, Captain Ballard was able to obtain information of immeasurable value to the United Nations Forces. By his courage and great devotion to duty, Captain Ballard has brought great credit upon himself, the Far East Air Forces and the United States Air Force