Thomas W. Barnes Jr.

Thomas W. Barnes, Jr. For heroism while participating in aerial flight: On 2 January 1963, Chief Warrant Officer Barnes actively participated as an Aviator in support of combat assault operations conducted by armed forces of the Republic of Vietnam. The prescribed landing zone for the attacking troops lay in territory defended by an estimated reinforced battalion of entrenched Viet Cong troops. On the fourth mission into the assault zone all aircraft were subjected to heavy ground fire and success of the operation was seriously threatened. As the aircraft approached the landing zone, automatic weapons fire struck and damaged Chief Warrant Officer Barnes’ helicopter. Despite the condition of his aircraft and the increasingly heavy volume of ground fire, Chief Warrant Officer Barnes skillfully assisted in a successful landing, unloading, and takeoff. Although his aircraft sustained further damage during climbout, Chief Warrant Officer Barnes voluntarily made three more flights into the area to deliver supplies and personnel and evacuate wounded. His courageous action and competence as an aviator enabled him and his crew to delivery friendly reinforcements to the attacking troops under exceptionally hazardous conditions. Chief Warrant Officer Barnes’ devotion to duty and professional competence reflect great credit upon himself and the United States Army and are in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service.