Robert W. Allen Jr.

CITATION TO ACCOMPANY THE AWARD OF THE DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS TO ROBERT W. ALLEN, JR. Captain Robert W. Alien Jr. distinguished himself by extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight as an AC-130 Gunship Navigator over Southeast Asia on 2 February 1973. On that date, while on an armed reconnaissance mission over heavily defended hostile supply routes, his actions led to the damage or destruction of ten hostile supply vehicles and four antiaircraft artillery sites, and the ignition of numerous secondary fires and explosions. In the face of more 1000 rounds of antiaircraft artillery fire, he succeeded in destroying large amounts of supplies and munitions destined for use against friendly forces. The professional competence, aerial skill, and devotion to duty displayed by Captain Alien reflect great credit upon himself and the United States Air Force. Authority: HQ 13 AF, S.O. GA-2480, 20 September 1973