Jan W. Barmore

12TH FIGHTER BOMBER SQUADRON 18TH FIGHTER BOMBER GROUP It is recommended that the following individual be awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. BARMORE, JAN W. Captain 12th Fighter Bomber Squadron, 18th Fighter Bomber Group, United States Air Force, On 16 September, Captain (then First Lieutenant) Jan W. Barmore Distinguished himself by extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight. Captain Barmore displayed outstanding airmanship and aggressive spirit while flying as element leader in a flight of four (4) F-51 type aircraft in support of a unit of advancing United Nations ground forces. Weather was below marginal during the entire flight and the visibility in the target area was extremely poor. Despite the additional hazard of intense 20 millimeter anti-aircraft and fifty caliber automatic weapons fire, Captain Barmore pressed devastating attacks against all enemy strongholds until his entire supply of ammunition was expended. He personally destroyed one (1) heavy tank, three (3) trucks and four (4) warehouses filled with ammunition and supplies, and damaged one (1) other vehicle. As a result of this mission, vital enemy vehicles, supplies, and munitions employed against friendly forces were destroyed. As of this date of this recommendation, Captain Barmore has flown a total of one hundred and one (101) combat sorties against the enemy of the United Nations Forces in Korea. Commanding Officer 18th Fighter Bomber Group APO 970