Dean H. Forsgren

Lieutenant Commander Dean H. Forsgren is awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for heroism and extraordinary achievement in aerial flight in combat with the enemy on 7 June 1967 while attached to and serving with Fighter Squadron Ninety-six, embarked in USS ENTERPRISE (CVA(N)65). Lieutenant Commander Forsgren was the section leader of the first division of F4Bs in a large coordinated strike on the heavily defended and strategically important Kep Airfield, North Vietnam. Lieutenant Commander Forsgren exhibited great courage, absolute determination, and superb airmanship in the face of great enemy opposition in delivering his bombs on a vital part of the airfield, causing great destruction. Although his aircraft was hit with anti-aircraft fire and rolled inverted by the force of the impact, Lieutenant Commander Forsgren ignored the hail of continuous anti-aircraft fire and the ever-present threat of surface-to-air missiles and continued to press home a devastating attack, leaving heavy damage in his wake. He then skillfully nursed his striken aircraft to safety. His heroic actions and outstanding airmanship were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.