Joseph E. Anderson, Jr.

First Lieutenant Joseph E. Anderson is awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight as pilot of a B-25 type aircraft. On 10 March 1945, Lieutenant Anderson flew in an attack upon a heavily defended railroad bridge at Ora, Italy. Upon the commencement of the bomb run, shell fragments from intense anti-aircraft fire heavily damaged his airplane. Courageously maintaining his crippled plane on course in the face of this strong resistance which further damaged his B-25, Lieutenant Anderson enabled his bombardier to release his bombs with devastating effect on this vital bridge. Enroute to base, the bomber suddenly burst into flames. Immediately ordering the stricken plane abandoned, Lieutenant Anderson determinedly remained at the controls until all crew members had parachuted safely and escaped with his own life just before the B-25 exploded in mid-air. His selfless devotion to duty and outstanding proficiency in combat have reflected great credit upon himself and the military service of the United States.