Fred R. Fonck

First Lieutenant Fred R. Fonck is awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight on 11 July 1951. Leading a flight of four (4) F-51 type aircraft, First Lieutenant Fonck displayed outstanding airmanship when he led his flight through low hanging clouds and intermittent rain showers direct to the target area at Chorwon, Korea, where he and his flight carried out a series of destructive attacks using napalm, rockets, and machine guns on enemy troop concentrations, troop billets, and machine gun emplacements in this area. Despite intense automatic weapons fire, First Lieutenant Fonck pressed successive attacks on enemy troops then diverted his attacks to the billets in the nearby town, where he destroyed or burned ten (10) buildings with rockets and machine guns. He then directed the attacks of the other members of his flight on cleverly concealed enemy emplacements near the village. Although adverse conditions necessitated diving and climbing through low clouds on each attack, First Lieutenant Fonck continued his attacks, harassing enemy positions until all ammunition was expended. First Lieutant Fonck, in addition to destroying ten (10) buildings, was credited by the mosquito controller with fifty (50) enemy troops killed. He then reassembled his flightr and led them through instrument conditons to the home base. By his persistent attacks against the enemy, First Lieutant Fonck greatly reduced the enemy’s ability to wage war in this area. By his high courage and devotion to duty, First Lieutenant Fonck has brought great credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.