William S. Andrews Jr.

William S. Andrews, Jr. For extraordinary achievement against the enemy from March to December 1944. Lt. Andrews distinguished himself by outstanding airmanship and technical skill during the course of a large number of missions against the enemy. On 6 June 1944, weather conditions were so adverse that the aircraft was forced to fly at an extremely low, vulnerable altitude. Anti-aircraft fire was intense and accurate, and although his aircraft sustained heavy battle damage, Lt. Andrews continued on over the objective and dispatched his bombs with telling effect. Again on 7 August 1944, Lt. Andrews was dispatched to attack vessels in the Harbor at Brest, and in the face of concentrated anti-aircraft fire, Lt. Andrews so skillfully piloted his aircraft that his bombardier was able to score direct hits on an enemy vessel. His superior flying skill and determination throughout this period reflect this highest credit upon himself and his organization.