Robert W. Fairburn

The President of the United States takes great pleasure in presenting the Distinguished Flying Cross to Captain Robert W. Fairburn for extraordinary achievement against the enemy on 16 March 1945. While serving as Pilot of a B-26 type aircraft Captain Fairburn was leading a formation on a mission to bomb enemy communications and supplies at Landau, Germany. Although heavy cloud cover prevailed along the route and in the target area, Captain Fairburn kept his formation intact and led them, despite intense anti-aircraft fire which sustained battle damage to many of the group, to lower altitude for a second bombing run. At this altitude, the target was visible and, in spite of the damage to his aircraft, he flew a true and level course over the objective and dropped his bombs with devastating effect. The skillful and aggressive leadership displayed by Captain Fairburn on this occasion were in large measure responsible for the superior results of this mission and reflect high credit upon himself.