Glenn J. Beadle

The President of the United States takes great pleasure in presenting the Distinguished Flying Cross to First Lieutenant Glenn J. Beadle for extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight as a Flight Leader in a flight of four (4) F-86 type aircraft, 18th Fighter Bomber Wing, Fifth Air Force, on 10 July 1953. Lieutenant Beadle displayed exceptional airmanship and leadership while navigating his flight direct to the target area, West of Chorwon, Korea. Lieutenant Beadle quickly identified the target and initiated a devastating attack on enemy personnel shelters, mortar positions and automatic weapons positions. Despite intense anti-aircraft and small arms fire, Lieutenant Beadle strafed with unerring accuracy and dropped his bombs directly on the target area, accurately marking it for the remainder of his flight. Because of Lieutenant Beadle’s superb airmanship and exceptional dive-bombing skill, three (3) enemy caves were closed, three (3) large secondary explosions were observed, four (4) mortar positions were destroyed and one hundred and fifty (150) yards of enemy trench line were destroyed. As a result of this highly successful mission, vital enemy troop concentration and mortar positions were destroyed, seriously hampering the enemy’s potential in that sector at a time when the enemy was threatening to break through United Nations frontline positions. Throughout his entire combat tour, Lieutenant Beadle has displayed outstanding leadership, airmanship and dive-bombing skill in destroying the enemy. Through his skill, courage and devotion to duty, Lieutenant Beadle has brought great credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.