Anthony J. Amanzio

The President of the United States takes great pleasure in presenting the Distinguished Flying Cross to Chief Warrant Officer Amanzio for heroism while participating in aerial flight evidenced by voluntary actions above and beyond the call of duty. Chief Warrant Officer Amanzio, distinguished himself by exceptionally valorous action on 5 February 1971 while serving as an aircraft commander of a lift helicopter participating in a combat assault airlift in support of Allied infantry forces. The proposed landing zone was also heavily defended by a large enemy force using automatic small arms, machine guns, and anti aircraft weapons. As the flight started it final approach, it came under intensive enemy fire. Chief Warrant Officer Amanzio immediately initiated evasive action avoiding as much enemy fire as possible. While Chief Warrant Officer Amanzio was continuing into the landing zone, he pointed out the enemy locations to the escorting gunships and also ordered his crew to put defensive suppressive fire. As Chief Warrant Officer Amanzio landed in the landing zone, his aircraft was still under intensive enemy fire. As he was hovering his aircraft in the landing zone, the enemy launched a full scale mortar attack on the landing zone. A mortar round came into the landing zone hitting his aircraft. Chief Warrant Officer Amanzio’s aircraft was shaken violently by the explosion and directional control was momentarily lost. His skill and quick actions regained control of the aircraft almost immediately whereupon he announced over the radio that his aircraft had been seriously damaged. Chief Warrant Officer Amanzio executed an immediate take off due to the inherent dangers of the enemy attack. Chief Warrant Officer Amanzio skillfully flew his crippled aircraft back to the pick-up zone and made a successful emergency landing. Chief Warrant Officer Amanzio’s professional flying and skill are in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit upon himself, his unit, and the United States Army.