Thomas M. Atkins

THOMAS MANSON ATKINS, Airman, United States Air Force, awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross as flying as an aerial gunner of a B-26 type light bomber, on a night interdiction mission against enemy transportation facilities in the vicinity of Yul, Korea, Airman Atkins displayed outstanding skill and airmanship. He was instrumental in the sighting of enemy convoy and initiating an attack. Seven bombing runs and three strafing passes resulted in the destruction of eighteen vehicles. Heavy automatic weapons and small arms fire and heavy anti-air-craft fire was encountered. He pinpointed the enemy and the automatic weapons fire were silenced. The attack was continued until all ordnance had been expended. The destruction caused by this highly successful mission deprived the enemy of badly needed supplies and transportation facilities. By his high personal courage and devotion to duty, Airman Atkins brought great credit upon himself and the United States Air Force, and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross as a result of his actions on 22 January 1952. Thomas Manson Atkins is a member of the Distinguished Flying Cross Society.