Loren Echols

Echols, Loren, First Lieutenant, 773rd Bomb Squadron, 463rd Bomb Gp, Bombardier, United States Air Force is awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for extraordinary achievement in aerial flight against the enemy in the North African and Mediterranean theatres of operations. Throughout the extensive air offensive against the enemy in the direct support of our ground troops and against targets of vital strategic importance deep within hostile territory, the personnel listed below, through their aggressiveness and courage, have consistently aided in the success of combat operations. Against heavy enemy opposition from both aggressive and persistent fighter aircraft and intense, heavy and accurate enemy anti-aircraft fire, with their planes frequently seriously damaged by enemy fire, they have battled their way through to their targets, defeating the enemy in the air and destroying his vital installations on the ground. Through severe and adverse weather conditions, over treacherous mountain terrain, they have continually surmounted overwhelming obstacles for successful completions of their assigned missions to attack and destroy the enemy. Through their outstanding leadership and personal example completely disregarding their personal safety at times of great danger, though at times seriously wounded in the heroic performance of their duties, they have contributed to the ultimate final defeat of the armed forces of the enemy. Their conspicuous and outstanding achievement in these many missions against the enemy have uphold the highest traditions of the Military Service, thereby reflecting great credit upon themselves and the Armed Forces of the United States of America.