John F. Fehrs

Warrant Officer John F. Fehrs is awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for heroism while participating in aerial flight evidenced by voluntary actions above and beyond the call of duty. Warrant Officer Fehrs distinguished himself by exceptionally valorous actions while serving as aircraft commander of a lift helicopter supporting allied infantry near Kien Long. His mission was to extract and reinsert infantrymen who were in pursuit of an enemy force which was attempting to exfiltrate the area. He flew his aircraft near known enemy positions, several times subjecting himself to intense hostile fire. He was also called upon to make extractions of friendly troops from positions which had just received enemy mortar fire. As night began to fall, visibility was greatly reduced, adding another element of risk. However, he continued flying and only after the friendly elements had been relocated and resupplied with food, water and ammunition, did he retire from the area. His unwavering courge in the face of enemy fire was exemplary. His actions were in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit upon himself, his unit, and the United States Army.