Roland T. Fisher

Citation to Accompany the Award of the Distinguished Flying Cross Captain Roland T. Fisher, Air Corps, United States Army. For extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight over Davao Gulf and Matina Airdrome, Philippine Islands, on 6 September 1944. Captain Fisher was the pilot of a B-24 aircraft on an armed night reconnaissance mission over this Japanese-held territory. Though picked up by a searchlight which tracked him accurately, he flew through the anti-aircraft fire and made an excellent bombing run over the airfield. As he was trying to escape the searchlights, three enemy night fighters came toward his plane and two of them attacked as they closed in. Hits from 20mm shell fire ruptured three bulkheads, cut the elevator control wires, destroyed the automatic flight control equipment, blew apart the electrical junction box, and put a large hole in the top of the fuselage. One of the fighters then rammed the underside of the airplane, tearing a ten-foot section off the side, destroying the radar spinner and cutting hydraulic lines. In spite of the damage, Captain Fisher succeeded in eluding the attackers by diving into a cloud with exceptional skill, brought the crew of his severely crippled aircraft through difficult weather back to his base for a successful landing. The outstanding ability, courage and devotion to duty displayed by Captain Fisher during this flight are worthy of the highest commendation.