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Dateline 10/30/2018

San Diego Padres Honor the DFC Society on Sept 30, 2018

Every Sunday home game at Petco Park, the San Diego Padres honor the Military Services, Veterans, or Military Families.  First responders are also honored during the season. JJ Quinn, the Military Affairs Advisor for the Padres asked the DFC Society to have 20 to 30 DFCS recipients man the first base line on the last game of the season on Sunday, Sep 30, 2018.  Recruiting from both the San Diego Lindbergh Chapter (15) and the Inland Empire Chapter (6) we looked great with the DFCS white shirts, DFCS blue hats and khaki trousers.  Family members also received free tickets and watched from the stands.  We also supplied the Ceremonial Mission Bell Ringer and four DFCS recipients and their spouses were selected to watch the game from the owner’s box.

        DFCS Members Standout along 1st Baseline

Ceremonial Bell Ringer Chuck Sweeney Waves to the Crowd

Dateline 09/15/2018

“Thud Pilots” Wins Big at the 2018 San Diego GI Film Festival

The San Diego GI Film Festival had their Awards on Saturday night, Sept 29, 2018. “Thud Pilots”, directed by Mark Vizcarra who is the son of DFCS/Lindbergh member Vic Vizcarra, was the “Best Film Made by or Starring Veterans or Military”.  It was a thrill to be there at the Vizcarra table with Jeanne Scott, producer of our “Distinguished Wings Over Vietnam” and see the reaction of the family when the announcement was made.  Vic was part of the film, was the inspiration for it and the DVD is available at several locations.  Mark also won best film in 2017 with “Forgotten Hero”, the story of DFCS/Lindbergh member Royce Williams.  Then the next day Vic was standing on the first baseline at Petco Park with Royce Williams while Mark was in the stands.

       Pat, Mark and Vic Vizcarra with Trophy

Tandy, Mark, Pat and Vic Vizcarra

The 2018 Tailhook Convention was an extremely interesting Venue

A very historic and unusual event took place on Saturday, September 15, 2018 at Tailhook 2018 in the Nugget Hotel in Sparks, Nevada.  The “Air Boss”, VADM DeWolfe “Bullet” Miller III awarded a DFC to LCDR Mike Tremel at the luncheon for shooting down a Syrian Su-22 Fitter on June 18, 2017.  This was the Navy’s first air-to-air kill since the end of the Cold War and as far as it’s known this is the first DFC to be awarded at Tailhook.  Mike is now a DFCS member and this is a link to the 48 minute panel discussion of the shoot down at Tailhook 2017:


 LCDR Mike Tremel with the Air Boss       Mike with DFC later at a Wedding

Later on Saturday, the banquet was the scene of many active duty and retired Tailhook members who continued the dialogs that are a significant part of the Convention.  The DFCS twitter account received the following tweet that I believe is the true essence of Tailhook:

Tweet Received

Mike Paul‏ @TheMikeJP 22h22 hours ago

The best part of Tailhook, a chance to talk to living legends. @DFCSociety @_Tailhook_ #Hook18

        Diz Laird and Chuck Sweeney with three Active Duty Tailhook Members

Dateline 06/01/2018

Distinguished Wings Over Vietnam

The honest, personal accounts of four combat pilots during the Vietnam War. From helicopters to jets, these men reveal how they felt risking their lives in a war that was confusing and unpopular, to say the least. They share their missions, the close calls, and how they were treated when they came home. Saving lives by taking lives, changed them forever.

Dateline 06/01/2018

Two Active Duty Members have an Extremely Eventful Week

The week of 25 June 2018 at Davis Monthan AFB, Arizona was extremely busy and historic for DFCS members Kim and Scott Campbell. They are married to each other, are both active duty USAF Colonels as well as A-10 pilots and as far as we know, they are the only husband and wife pilots who both have been awarded a DFC.  Their complete stories including pictures are in the DFCS book “On Heroic Wings: Stories of the Distinguished Flying Cross” and their citations are on .  They both flew their last A-10 flight that week, Kim had her Change of Command on Thursday afternoon and Scott had his Friday morning and they both left that weekend for their new billets at the USAF Academy.