An Important Book About the Stories of Aviation Heroes

who Received the Distinguished Flying Cross


This is the first comprehensive publication on the Distinguished Flying Cross.

On Heroic Wings has the characteristics of a beautiful coffee table book with 311 photographs printed on high-quality gloss paper. 

However, the individual stories and collective history

of the Distinguished Flying Cross is extensively documented through oral history interviews

and traditional historical research methodologies. 

The book includes 32 major accounts and over 180 vignettes of aerial heroism

beginning with the medal’s inception in 1926.  

Book Specifications:  Hardback/dustcover, 325 pages, 8 ½” x 11” x 1”, color photographs in the frontmatter

Publication date:  2012      ISBN:  978-0-615-52024-7     Library of Congress number:  2011933548

Published by: The Distinguished Flying Cross Society

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“On Heroic Wings” Available at the Gift Shops of the Following Museums:

March Field Air Museum – Riverside, CA

Planes of Fame – Chino, CA